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Conversation between Gordon Ostrowski and John Kander

November 13, 2019

Opera America

New York, NY

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photo gallery

Photos Courtesy of Darby Moore, Miranda Beeson and Columbia University

Awards, Ceremonies and Programs

Douglas Moore with Leonard Bernstein - Recipient of the 1958 Ditson Conducting Award Pictured Left is Felicia Bernstein

Article Re: Jack Beeson Receiving the ASCAP Award in 1989

Poster for the Devil and Daniel Webster at the Old Sturbridge Village Festival in 1953

Invitation for Douglas Moore's Memorial Concert in 1969

Program for Jack Beeson: A Life in Music Presented by Columbia University on 10.25.2010

Compositions, Publicity and Recordings

Painting of Jack Beeson by Alice Neel - 1979

Baby Doe Poster

Manuscript of Four Museum Pieces for Organ Composition by Douglas Moore - 1923

New York Times Article Regarding the Premiere of Lizzie Borden by Jack Beeson - 1965

Cabaret by John Kander and Fred Ebb Original Broadway Cast Recording Album Cover - 1966

Douglas Moore Personal, Friends and Family

Douglas Moore with his wife Emily and his daughters Mary and Sarah

Douglas Moore at the Sound circa 1939

Douglas Moore's 50th Birthday

Douglas Moore with Nieces and Friends

Douglas Moore with Humankind's Best Friend Circa 1933

Birth House of Douglas Moore

Douglas Moore's Studio - Outside

historical documents

White House Letter for Douglas Moore's Retirement from Columbia University - 1962

Corrspondence from Tams-Whitmark to Douglas Moore Regarding Foreign Language Rights for The Ballad of Baby Doe - 1957

Nora P. Doe a descendant of Elizabeth McCourt Tabor (Baby Doe) Reaches Out to Douglas Moore - 1960

Correspondence from Douglas Moore to Nora P. Doe a descendant of Elizabeth McCourt Tabor (Baby Doe) - 1960

Jack Beeson's Article for the Columbia University Forum Publication Regarding the Rise of a New Music Form - Fall 1960

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